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Pricing Plans (Ghana and Sierra Leone)

Nasara Mobile offers various bundles to cater for every demand. SMS credits purchased can be used anytime, anywhere and do not expire.

For pricing outside Ghana and Sierra Leone, please contact

Price in GHCPrice Per SMS/PageNumber of SMS
Sign UpFREE5
5 GHC0.035 GHC142
50 GHC0.034 GHC1470
100 GHC0.033 GHC3,030
200 GHC0.032 GHC6,250
500 GHC0.031 GHC16,129

Please call 0240133233 or send us a message for further assistance

Payment Options

  • Payments can be made via MTN Mobile money to 0240133233. Visit any MTN Stand and ask to send mobile money. Once you are done with the mobile money transfer, kindly text the amount you transfered and phone number you used to register on the Nasara Platform for your account and we will send you a voucher or update your account manually.

  • You can also call 0240133233 for further assistance.
  • BundlePrice Per SMS/PagePriceNumber of SMS
    Sign UpFREEFREE5
    Lite Bundle$0.0281Le 35,5000142
    Elite Bundle$0.0281Le 367,5001470
    Super Bundle$0.0281Le 757,5003,030
    Combo Bundle$0.0281Le 1,562,5006,250
    Xfinity$0.0281Le 4,032,25016,129
    Coperate Bundle$0.0281Le 15,000,00060,000