Nasara Mobile SMS API Documentation and Sample Codes

(Build powerful SMS applications with our easy API)
Our fast, simple, easy and robust Aplication Interface, API, allows programmers/developers to use our gateway in their applications to send sms.

Build Intelligent Applications

Nasara Mobile lets you use standard web languages to build SMS applications. We’re connected to carrier networks in Ghana (for now) and expose them to you via our clean, powerful and robust API. Check out our free sample codes for a fast and easy implementation of our API. Let's start coding NOW!

Build Great and Fast Applications

Take your skills to the next level and build apps that make your look good and solve a problems, such as, Store Locators, Balance Lookup, Announcements, Reminders, Renewals & Upgrades Status Updates Product & Service Alerts, Invitations Voting & Polling, Sweepstakes & Contests and Surveys, Mobile Coupons, etc.