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providing robust sms solutions at affordable rates

SMS Marketing

Our SMS marketing platform allows you to become a mobile marketer within minutes. We get you closer to your customers and help boost your sales and services with a click of a button.

Bulk SMS

Launch SMS Campaigns and send bulk messages at very affordable rates. Experience a fast platform capable of processing 1000 messages per minute.

Custom Application

We write custom sms apps/integrate sms into already existing systems for banks, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, and so on to improve information dissemination.

Developer's API

Our fast, simple, easy and robust Aplication Interface allows programmers/developers to use our gateway in their applications to send sms.

We Offer Services To :

  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Churches
  • Individuals
  • Organizations
  • Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Aspirants for various positions
  • Event Planners
  • Businesses
  • Tourism
  • Application Programmers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Supermarkets
  • Insuarance Companies
  • And So On......

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What Our Clients Are Saying


Working with Nasara Mobile has been a pleasure. We are able to send sms to remind members of meetings and events. The service has been very effective and helpful. Thank you!

RoyalHouse Chapel - Kumasi

A business that has the heart of it's customers on their minds.- by Miss Phedrias Nyamalor and Mr. Robert Richard Essah

Monfung Group of Companies

Nasara Mobile has been very helpful and we appreciate their service and commitment to providing us affordable services.